1 Niue-Society Islands-Shell phone

2 Niue-Society Islands Taking down the French Polynesia Flag

3 Nuie-Needlepoint on the way to Niue

4 Niue-On the way to Niue-On watch with her bumper buddy

5 Niue-On the way to Niue-Fishergirl

6 Niue-On the way to Niue-Dinner

7 Niue-On the way to Niue-Riding out 35 knot winds

8 Niue-Just landed, this place is cool

9 Niue-Let's see how far we can go

10 Niue-That is far enough you two

11 Niue-I love this place

12 Niue Airlines, glad we didn't fly here

13 Niue-Sierra helping at the dinghy dock

14 Niue-On the side of the freeway

15 Niue-Are you sure this is a road, it's on the map

16 Niue-Matapa Chasm snorkel

17 Niue-Matapa Chasm

18 Niue-do you see the wave, do you see the surfer

19 Niue-shelling is serious business

20 Niue-Sea Snake

21 Niue-You try taking a picture of a whale with a digital c

22 Niue-Reef below Matavia Resort 2

23 Niue-Reef below Matavia Resort

24 Niue-entering Avaiki cave

25 Niue-Avaiki cave seems to go to the sea

26 Niue-Avaiki cave, WOW

27 Niue-Avaiki cave, now this is a pool

28 Niue- Avaiki cave, I'm happy to just wait out in the suns

29 Niue-Avaiki Cave, she wants to stay in here for a few day

30 Niue- Cyclone Hita in 2004 caused the huge boulder in fro

31 Niue-Until cyclone Hita in 2004, the two boulders to the

32 Niue-the best playground

33 Niue-Limu Surreal beauty

34 Niue-the people here are as wonderful as it is beautiful

35 Niue-I hope you are remembering as you look at these imag

36 Niue-The pools at Limu

37 Niue Greetings and Greg waiting for the wind to come

38 Niue-Not looking good at the dinghy dock

39 Niue-Not a good day for dinghys at the dock

40 Niue-Salome taught me to make a basket an now she's telli

41 Niue-Veiw from Sierra's favorite hotel

42 Niue-The winds have passed, Greetings is fine

43 Niue-Having a little fresh coconut with Hank, another ne

44 Niue-Pigs

45 Niue-Going for a walk

46 Niue-Unique

47 Niue-There is wter on the moon

48 Niue-A hidden oasis, just a 30 ft ladder away

49 Niue-One very tall ladder

50 Niue-Surprising oasis in a coral canyon

51 Niue-A nature made balcony

52 Niue-another beautiful show, part 1

53 Niue-another beautiful show, part 2

54 Niue-Greg learns from Taumafai Fuhiniu, Vaka builder

55 Niue-Stafford planted a coconut tree for Sierra

56 Niue- rainbow spray

57 Niue-The Little Boogie Board who could

58 Niue-Sierra thinks of her return to Niue

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